2017 is the year of The Expanse Season 2 (and hopefully season 3!)

2016 was a busy year, full of many small side projects, commercials and of course season 2 of The Expanse. We are currently knee deep in grading season 2 at Deluxe Toronto.   The show is also now on Netflix International and Amazon Prime, its great to see new audiences discovering and enjoying the show.

Looking forward to 2017, there are many exciting things in the works. We hope to hear of renewal for season 3 in March… meaning we’d likely go to camera late summer/early fall. There are some other series and feature projects pending which may happen between the New Year and then.

Take a look at the newest trailer for season 2 here – which will premiere in SyFy in USA (Space in Canada) on February 1st (as a double episode premiere):

4 thoughts on “2017 is the year of The Expanse Season 2 (and hopefully season 3!)

  1. Great work on this series, mate. Whether it was you, the gaffer or art department – love the way you used RGB LEDs. The bar scenes, but especially the ship switching into battle mode going magenta to blue. Really great use of them.

    Overall wonderful work!

    • Thanks Nathan. It was a combined effort, I worked really hard with the production designer’s (Anthony Ianni) team to build our lights into the sets. My rigging gaffer Gary Dennault and his team really did some amazing work.

  2. Season two is better somehow aesthetically than season one. Was the budget increased or something? If not, what changed?

    • For one thing, we shot with Alexa Mini instead of Red Dragon. There was no budget increase. Also, season 2 is an evolution of season 1, we learned a lot from thing that didn’t work as well. Its part of the natural creative process of upping our game as a team.

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