Baron Samedi Spiced Rum

Colin Minihan directed this funky, fever-dream inspired spot for Baron Samedi spiced rum. We shot in an old mansion in Toronto, which already had a great old look to start with.

Colin really wanted the colour palette to be rich and saturated, we used a combination of Astera Pixel Tubes, Light drops, Arri SkyPanel S60 and S360 fixtures, as well as LiteGear Litemats.  We shot some sequences under-cranked to get that freaky jerky look.

We had a snake and wrangler for the product shot – miraculously the snake did the perfect move around the bottle in one of the first few takes, which is what made the cut.

The spot was shot with the Arri Mini and Cooke S5 lenses.

Agency: Mirum Agency
Agency Producer: Cristina Gardeazabal
Director: Colin Minihan
Producer: Marc Milliard
PM: Jeremy Hood
AD: Alex Walti
1st AC: Craig Allen Morgan
2nd AC: Margaret Demchenko
DIT: Ryan Czyzewski
Gaffer: Loris Santarossa and team
Grip: Chris Atkinson and team
Makeup Artist: Brandi Boulet and team
Wardrobe Stylist: Marie-Eve Tremblay and team
Art Director: Bartosz Deptuch and team
LM: Will Hoddinott

Casting by the ever talented Steven Mann and the amazing team at Mann Casting!

Stellar Cast: Kevin Shand – The Baron, MacKenzie Boyd-Garrison – The Siren, Travis Nelson – Brave Soul, Raffaele Brereton, Shreya Patel, Peter Loung, Anisa Tejpar

Special thanks to Tanya Grossi for allowing us to take over her incredible space at The Darling Mansion

Edit and VFX: Colin Minihan
Original Score: Britt Audrey

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