Expanse Breakdown on Indy Mogul

For a few months, myself and the team at Indy Mogul have been trying to coordinate an interview to talk Expanse shot breakdown. I was planning on taking a trip to LA to visit people – but the pandemic put a stop to that.

A couple of weeks ago we were able to do this interview remotely, me from our home in Toronto, Ted in LA. I am very impressed by the Indy Mogul team’s work in putting this together – this is super charged nerding out!

We are thankful to be home and safe and that our loved ones are as well while we all wait this out. Hope everyone is staying positive and productive, as much as they can.

2 thoughts on “Expanse Breakdown on Indy Mogul

  1. Hi Jeremy! This interview was fantastic, thank you so much! All these details may be daily routine for you but it helps us to appreciate the series even more. It gives a whole new level to a second time watching 😉 and this series is worth repeated viewing
    from the start!
    I got aware about it only 12 months ago and was hooked by Tom Jane and the strong female characters 😉 top!

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