New Montage for 2018

Its been a long time since I cut together a montage of my work. Seeing as last year was particularly interesting with The Long Road Home and The Expanse Season 3 back to back, I felt it was time to try and showcase this diverse work in one place.  A true war story based on a book set in 2004, then a series set 300 years in the future! It struck me as I realized that all three works shown here are based on books! I really enjoy telling stories based on books, as well as true stories. Its great having that depth of source material to draw from when making a film.

So I cut short teaser trailers for both shows and combined them into one file. I’ve never made a proper Expanse teaser for myself, just been using  the trailers the network makes – which are great – but they focus more on words and graphics and less on visuals. I made a point of making the teasers for Long Road Home and The Expanse be without the spoken word.  I have always wanted to cut my own version to highlight our visual flare – just never had time. Unfortunately I can’t use season 3 yet as its still in post and not released… however I did combine Season 1 & 2 into one trailer.

Then there’s Killing Lincoln, which I shot in 2013. I am very proud of that work – its very different from these other projects as it is a period piece set in 1865, and it was recognized with an ASC award that year as well.


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