The Long Road Home – Principle Photography Begins

I have been prepping in the Fort Hood area of Texas for the last several weeks, and we have just now started shooting a new mini series for National Geographic called “The Long Road Home”. Its based on a book written by Martha Raddatz about the true events that took place on April 4th, 2004 in Sadyr City, Iraq – an event that the US military refers to as Black Sunday.

The eight-hour event series is executive produced by Mike Medavoy, Jason Clark, Benjamin Anderson and Edward McGurn. The 33 screenwriter Mikko Alanne is penning the adaptation and also executive producing.

Directors Phil Abraham and Mikael Salomon are sharing the duties of directing the 8 episodes. I am working with Mikael while fellow DP Yasu Tanida is shooting Phil’s episodes. Its been a slightly complex process of cross boarding the schedules and dividing up the teams, with double up days and sharing locations.

Filming is taking place primarily within the Fort Hood army base in Texas, where our production designer Seth Reed has built amazing sets which replicate how Sadyr City looked in 2004.

We are shooting primarily with Arri Amira and Panavision Primo lenses. Shooting will go into late June.

More to come!


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